Education, Education, Education

Education, Education, Education devised by The Wardrobe Ensemble – The Drum, Theatre Royal Plymouth.

As with Whey Down South, I saw this play far too long ago to write a post that does it justice. But I’ve said I’ll write about everything I see this year, so you’ll have to bear with. I will uphold my promises, dammit!

Anyway, Education, Education, Education is great. It’s a smart commentary on the impact of education systems on young lives, and in turn the impact of a country’s political environment upon schools. Some scenes are heartbreakingly familiar but it’s not short on laughs either. The music and dancing add fun to the piece, as well as making it properly nostalgic. If you’re at an age where Tamagotchi’s were a big part of your school life this play will definitely resonate with you. Scratch that, if you ever went to school you’ll enjoy this play. It’s really good.

See, told you I wouldn’t do it justice. Have some Lyn Gardner instead!