This House

This House by James Graham – The Lyric, Theatre Royal Plymouth.

Following a run at the National Theatre, This House is currently touring the UK. The play marks something of a homecoming for Theatre Royal as a several of James Graham’s earlier plays were staged here, helping him to develop as a writer. It’s something we’re all very proud of so This House was a pretty big deal.

It’s a great play too. A funny and engaging look at our country’s political system, told through the lens of the years leading up to Thatcher’s rise. The play features live music, with the band reflecting the changes of era. Some members of the audience were sat onstage, forming a crew of back benchers. This added an extra level of unpredictability and fun to proceedings – though it was rare they were interacted with. I didn’t always know who the MPs were, but knowledge of the British political history isn’t essential to understanding the play. The story is clearly told and interesting without it, even if there were a few moments where most of the audience were chuckling at remarks I hadn’t registered as funny.

I don’t have much insightful to add tbh! Suffice to say that it’s good and you should see it if you can. It has a guy from The Bill in it! And a guy from little remembered T4 show As If!