Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys by Marshall Brickman, Rick Elice, Bob Gaudio and Bob Crewe – The Lyric, Theatre Royal Plymouth.

I don’t really have much to say about Jersey Boys. I enjoyed the show and had a fun evening, but it’s not a play that requires much thought beyond its surface. It does exactly what you’d expect a big budget jukebox musical to do. And there’s nothing wrong with that, everyone needs a night of escapism every now and again. Jersey Boys brought huge crowds to Theatre Royal, many of whom very rarely (if ever) attend the theatre. It’s getting people to engage with the arts through something they’re already familiar with, and I’m here for it.

It’s definitely worth seeing if you’re after a fun night out. The cast are great, it’s a slick and impressive production, and the songs are all certified bangers. Little ashamed to admit that I thought Beggin’ was a Madcon original – genuinely no idea the Four Seasons did it first. The more you know! I also really enjoyed finding out that Joe Pesci helped create the Four Seasons. Folk sat next to me were shocked to see someone so young in the crowd, so we ended up having a nice chat about why I was there. Turns out they were also Brummies! One of them sang very loudly throughout; he was so into those tunes. I was loving it, it’s rare you see someone at a theatre so unabashedly havin’ it large. My aisle mates weren’t all as on board but the band were playing loud enough for them to still hear the performers – as far as I’m aware no complaints were made.

All in all, a very good time!

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