Sunked by Chris White – The LAB, Theatre Royal Plymouth

As part of this Easter’s LAB season, writer and performer Chris White brought Sunked to Theatre Royal. The play skilfully blends poetry, music, spoken word, and James Cameron. Opening with the audio of a phone call from his co-star, informing Chris that he’ll no longer be performing the play, we get off to an awkward start. But it works, making Chris even more endearing. Chronicling his attempts to raise the Titanic while avoiding the wrath of James Cameron and Celine Dion, the play’s nicest moments are Chris discussing his relationship with his mother. The bizarre other additions are a lot of fun to watch but this familial relationship is the play’s heart. Chris is an incredibly talented wordsmith, I particularly enjoyed the section involving some Beautiful South references. I challenge anyone to see this and not leave feeling buoyed.

Slight tangent here – but I saw a previous review that suggested the use of swearing undermined the performance. For me, swearing isn’t inherently offensive. It’s dependent on context and nothing in the context of delivery here seemed offensive. Swearing in my opinion can enhance a message rather than undermine it, which I felt it did here. I understand that different people have different thresholds for offence, I was just very surprised that anyone could feel offended by such an amiable performer. It seemed a strange critique of a wonderful play*.

I guess don’t see it if you’re sensitive to usage of ‘bad’ language? You’d be missing out though. Chris White is an interesting, engaging performer, sure to have a bright future ahead of him.

*I should note, the rest of the review was on point. Just one lil section on swearing that confused me.

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