La Forza Del Destino

La Forza Del Destino by Verdi – The Lyric, Theatre Royal Plymouth

I don’t really know what to say about this. The Welsh National Opera is clearly formed of some very talented individuals. The power of their voices is impressive and the orchestra all sounded great. I loved the set design. But I was also bored stiff for the majority of the performance. Even with surtitles (which weren’t always working) and the programme’s synopsis I struggled to follow what was happening. There’d be wild applause for some sections, more muted applause for others and I couldn’t tell what was any different. I had no idea what was eliciting the extra cheers. This is the first opera I’ve ever seen, so I have a feeling a lot of me not enjoying it stemmed from me not understanding the conventions of opera. I’m glad I saw it, as it’s something I’ve never experienced before. I just didn’t especially enjoy it, which made me feel very guilty as I feel like it’s something I should have appreciated more. The whole experience made me feel like a bit of a rube really! – Through no fault of the WNO I might add!

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