Good Girl

Good Girl by Naomi Sheldon – Trafalgar Studios, London

I didn’t really know what to expect from this play, which I think made it all the better. I happened to be in London on short notice and essentially chose a play based on what time and where it was on, as I had a few other appointments to fit it around. Which seems like the worst reason to see a show ever, but it worked out wonderfully for me because Good Girl is absolutely brilliant.

The show details the life of the titular Good Girl (referred to as GG throughout) as she grows up, navigating her emotions and the expectations of the world around her. I laughed out loud so many times, Sheldon’s writing is incredibly relatable. It’s perfectly evocative of growing up in the 90’s with numerous references that could have been describing me and my childhood friends. The themes are pertinent for any time period and any place though. I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying this show.

Sheldon is alone on a podium throughout and is still consistently riveting to watch. She doesn’t need anything other than her own performing ability to keep us enraptured. While the majority of the piece is spoken with GG’s voice and point of view, Sheldon also brings to life various friends and acquaintances. Each character to clearly defined and recognisable, Sheldon is able to essentially converse with herself and still have it be easy to follow. Cos she’s so bloody good.

I haven’t connected with a show like this in a long time, it really is something special.

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