PlayLAB – The LAB, Theatre Royal Plymouth

Tiny Details by Jon Nash, Of the Soil by Run Like Stags, Followers by Alexandra Ogando and Snip by Lucy Bell

PlayLAB is a night dedicated to showcasing and developing new work. A festival of short plays all built around the loose theme of speaking freely. Each performance featured a group from Theatre Royal’s Engagement and Learning department: Young Company 14 – 18s for Followers, People’s Company over 25s for Snip, Young Company and People’s Company 18 – 25s for Tiny Details and this year’s LAB company (Run Like Stags) for Of The Soil.

I really enjoyed every piece. The beauty of a night like this is that if something isn’t for you it will quickly be followed by something that might be. Wasn’t an issue here though, they were all enjoyable. Some beautiful music and an intriguing premise from Run Like Stags, some sinister conspiracy theorists from Jon Nash, some laugh out loud moments from Lucy Bell and energetic fun from Alex Ogando. Every play presented interesting ideas. Of course, there were aspects you’d love to know more about and points you’d like to see go even further but that’s the nature of short plays. The acting was of a really high calibre given that most of the performers aren’t professionals. Lots of promise overall, I’m really glad a night like this exists.

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